Monday, November 3, 2008

Bah. Humbug.

This is an annual rant of mine. They already have the Christmas stuff out at the Panzer's barely November, much less Thanksgiving!! Seriously, why do we need Christmas decorations the first week in November? As far as I 'm concerned, there are only 2 Christmas-related things we should be doing between now and Thanksgiving: squirreling away gifts (and cards) and making holiday travel plans.

Speaking of which, Bran and I just bought our plane tickets... We're going home!! Corinnea, I'll give you the dates when I see you tomorrow. ^_^ Anyway, once we're past Turkey Day, I promise to stop being a Grinch and get totally into the Holiday Spirit.


  1. PS: I know that they used the incorrect form of "your" in the photo caption... I'm sure it was intentional, since it came from my crazy cat site, where they do all sorts of crazy things with the English language.