Friday, July 10, 2009

Elora's New Toy, and, Adrienne Takes 'Action'

Thanks to the "for sale" e-mail list that Jennifer brought to my attention, I was able to get this awesome bouncy saucer activity exercise seat for Elora. It's second hand, but in excellent condition, and Elora loves it! She's still not strong enough to do anything but lean against the front and bat at whatever is right there, but that's just fine for now. She'll grow, and it'll grow with her.

in other news, I've finally discovered actions for PSE. I downloaded several from this site, and I'm loving them. This one's called Attic Vintage (I didn't use a texture, haven't figured that part out yet):

And, this one is Lomo:

There are a bunch more, and I'm still learning how to really use some of them. If anyone knows of any other cool action sites, please pass them on to me!


  1. She is growing too fast :) The pictures are adorable. Love the actions you are using on the photos. "Pioneer Woman" has some good ones. Keep those pictures coming...

  2. Cute pictures! Love her elbow dimple in that last one.

  3. Elora does look extra happy in that bouncy thing.

    also, The book is looking great, are you going to print the pages out and make an actual book?

  4. I am printing them... I made one of the hard bound books for my Dad's birthday, though his only had 21 pages. (I'm now up to 27 pages.) But I am making 6x6 mini books for the grandmothers (my mom and his) and I'm printing the pages for those as I get them made.