Saturday, December 24, 2011

Official 2011 Christmas Photos

Sorry for the radio silence recently, but we've been busy doing the Christmas thang.  I've been reading all my blogs, I just haven't been taking the time to comment.  Please forgive me.  As proof of my recent busy-ness, I offer the first of our Christmas photos, starting with our Santa pictures from Wednesday.  As before, Elora was all excited about seeing Santa until we put her on his lap, and Kaylie was never excited about it at all.

Did you notice that Kaylie is now wearing the special red Christmas dress that Elora wore last year?  Crazy.  

We had better luck doing some home-shot Christmas portraits, using a fuzzy blanket, a large piece of fabric, a few thumb tacks and some ingenuity.  After the Santa hats, we did some in their Christmas dresses.


 And we did some in their matching Christmas pajamas.


We've taken a bazillion pictures recently.  It's going to take a while to sift through them all.  I'll share them once I do.  In the meanwhile, merry Christmas everyone!  I hope that you're all enjoy a safe, blessed and happy holiday season.


  1. Adorable. Hope you and your family had a lovely christmas!

  2. so cute! glad you are enjoying family time.

  3. Adrienne, the girls are adorable in these photos!! I could just eat that kaylie up she's so cute;)