Thursday, December 20, 2012

Visit to Santa

In addition to choosing and trimming our tree, we also took the girls to see Santa this weekend.

  We made it a surprise until we actually got there, and then when she saw who was sitting in front of the giant Christmas tree, she said "I'm going to get to see Santa?!" and was gratifyingly excited.  Even more gratifying, was that she stayed happy and excited after meeting Santa.  She was a bit shy, but she was smiling!!  Kaylie, on the other hand, was just along for the ride, and perfectly happy to be there until we actually put her on Santa's knee.  Then, well, you see.

And, for comparison, here are the photos from the last three years.

It's interesting to see all these side-by-side.  I hardly remember Elora as an infant!  And they've both gotten so big.  Especially Kaylie.  She's as big now as Elora was last Christmas!  Oh, what am I going to do with those babbies?

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