Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baby # 3: 30 Weeks

This past Saturday marked 30 weeks into the pregnancy.  Everything at the 28 week check up came back a-ok, so far as we can tell, everything is progressing normally and both of us are healthy.  I have put on more weight this time around, but I'm still within the "healthy weight gain" zone.  Since this is my third baby, I've been getting bigger, faster right from the beginning.  Brandon took these pictures on Saturday, at exactly 30 weeks, and I'm bigger here than I was at 39 weeks with Elora.

 I'm not yet as big as I was at the end with Kaylie, but it won't be long, I'm thinking.  I am into the third trimester, but not I'm not really getting tired so much as I'm easily fatigued.  Toting around this big ol' belly is naturally rough on my back, but it's also pulling painfully on the muscles across the top of my belly.  I'm fine in the mornings, but by late afternoon (or sooner, if I've been active) it hurts badly enough that I have to lay down for a while to rest those upper abdominal muscles.
I've also been swelling quite a bit already.  As with most everything else, it's not quite as bad earlier in the day, but my hands and feet are puffy 24/7 these days.  The swelling and the extra weight together have landed me with prenatal carpal tunnel this time around.  Apparently, it occurs in about 50% of pregnancies, but this is my first encounter with it.  It's not too bad, and as of now, is really only an issue in my right hand.  I've been sleeping with a wrist brace at night, and it's helping.

We still haven't chosen a name for our little boy, and I'm thinking we probably won't make up our minds until he actually gets here.  Since we'll probably be moving late in the spring or early in the summer, we decided not to convert the guest room into a nursery, but to make room in the girls room for a third occupant.  I've been haunting Craigslist, and managed to find another toddler bed exactly like the one we already had at a steal.  Once we had the second toddler bed, I was able to go ahead and convert the day bed back into a crib and, with Rebekah's help, get the room rearranged to accommodate all 3 beds.  Since there isn't room in the girls' dresser for more clothing, and there isn't room in their room for another dresser, my goal now is to replace the regular changing table with a cherry-colored changer-dresser to match the crib, so that I'll have a place to store his clothes and such.  I have put together a registry, for the things we expect to need (or hope to have).
Otherwise, I've just been working on finding new homes for all of the baby girl stuff that I've been hoarding saving in case we had another girl, so that we have a place for all of the boy things we're acquiring.  I've already received one box of clothes from a friend of mine here, and I've been told to expect more from other parties.  Seriously, I love baby hand-me-downs.  :)

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  1. 30 weeks, how awesome. You look fantastic by the way.

    Everything definitely got bigger faster this time around.

    Oh the name game. That's the first thing we talked about when we found out that we were pregnant. Cant' wait to hear what you guys choose.

    I am glad you are not getting rid of those girls clothes, they might come in handy one again ;).

    Can you believe that we are having our 3rd babies, insane right.