Monday, October 1, 2007

The Adventure Begins

expedited us passport: $200
4 piece luggage set: $140
total cost of moving Han, the family cat, from US to Germany: $250
finally getting to re-unite our little family: priceless

:) I know, I'm silly. But we (Han and I) are finally leaving, and I am so excited! I leave Wednesday afternoon, and I'll be arriving in Germany Thursday morning. Yay! And even better, Bran has a 4 day weekend this weekend, so we get to spend some time together before he has to go back to work. We'll get to look around, maybe buy a car... It's all a little intimidating, but overall it's just exciting. I plan to post regularly, because I think that this is the best way for people who want to, to stay in touch and keep up with what we're doing. :)

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