Sunday, May 11, 2008

Good Day

Yesterday was a good day.

We didn't do much of anything in the morning, we just enjoyed not having anything that we had to do. In the afternoon, though, we took the bike out for a ride. (Please see my new user pic!) Bran had ridden it to work a few times during the week, but yesterday was the first time I've been on the bike since we got to Germany. It was wonderful! I needed to pick up a few things from work anyway, so that's where we headed. We took the scenic route up to the base, which was fantastic. I would have been totally lost, but lucky for us, Bran knows his way around pretty well and has a good sense of direction. It was a perfect ride. We got lunch while we were on Patch, then took the autobahn back home.

On the way, though, we stopped to take some pictures of those little yellow flowers I was talking about before. I'm sure we looked pretty silly, walking around on the side of the road in all our motorcycle gear, taking pictures of little yellow flowers, but that's ok. It was fun. Of course, I still have no idea what they are, but they do smell good. I wanted to pick some to put in a vase at home, but I decided against it. We were on the bike, after all.

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  1. Hey Adrianne! It is one of my favorite sights at this time of year too! It is Rape Flower and has a lot of different uses...... Mostly, it just brightens the world, don't ya think?