Monday, June 2, 2008

Free Week

Brandon is gone for the week, so I have all of my time this week to myself. Not that this is a good thing. I've gotten so spoiled, having him around all the time for so long. Right now it just feels like he's gone to work, like he does every Monday, but he won;t be coming home tonight. I think that's when I'm going to start to miss him. I love our time together in the evenings... It's a good thing that I have work to keep me busy, or I'd be nutso by the time he gets back on Friday.

So anyway, I'm catching up on some girl time this week. I'm going shopping with Jennifer this afternoon (Yay! Emily and Eva time!) and then I'll be getting together with Sarah and Peguy for some Sex in the City. You see, I've never seen a single episode, and both feel that this is complete sacrilege and must be rectified immediately. Especially if I am going to see the movie with them. I've been kind of neglecting them, shame on me!, so it's good that I'm getting a chance to spend some time with them. I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, and speaking of movies, we saw the new Indiana Jones flick Saturday night, and it is AWESOME! Totally in keeping with the tone set by the previous movies. And Harrison Ford stepped right back into the character as if it had been only 2 years instead of 20. Wonderful! Even Brandon said that he would pay to go and see it in theaters again, and from him, that is the highest honor available. So, if you haven't seen it, then you need to!

PS: I'm in a much better mood now. :)


  1. Ok, I do totally love you and it pains me so much to say this, but I have to. I can't just leave it out there in cyberspace without saying it. So here goes: you are totally wrong IJ and the crap from outerspace sucked a big one and was a total joke compare to the other three! Ok, there I said it. I feel much better. Do you still love me? I'll make your coffee tomorrow to make up for it. :)

  2. Glad you are in a better mood now! Now I am in a dilemma, to see IJ or not to see IJ.... maybe I'll wait for the dvd....

    So Kelly, do I get coffee too?

  3. Kelly: if I had been drinking something when I read your comment I would have choked on it or sprayed it everywhere! I'm waiting for the DVD...And Adrienne: what about Jennifer time??

  4. Ok, Adie I am so totally sorry I dissed a movie on your blog. That was so wrong of me. So I wanted to add that although I did not enjoy the script, Harrison Ford was way hot, Shia LeBeouf was great, and Cate Blanchet was AMAZING!

  5. Hehe, you guys are funny. Corinnea, I think you should go and see it, so that you can form your own opinion. Seeing it at home just isn't the same as seeing it on the big screen, you know?

    I'm sorry you didn't like the movie Kelly. You're entitled to your own opinion, even if it is wrong. :P You are right about Harrison Ford though...That man will always be sexy.

    And, Jennifer, my Jennifer-time was great! Thanks so muchf or going with me yesterday!!!

    Love you all!