Thursday, October 23, 2008


Corinnea, you've created a monster, you and your anagrams!! I can't stop typing things in! I typed in my name (first & last, and middle initial) and the silly site came up with no fewer than 30,640 anagrams for my name. That is a lot of anagrams, and just from my name! That's not even counting all the ones I got for the other thing's I've typed in. Here are a few that caught my eye:
  • Renegade Margin
  • Engaged Mariner
  • Meandering Gear
  • Grenadine Gamer
  • Endearing Gamer
  • Gardener Enigma
  • Agreed Renaming
  • Dreaming Enrage
  • Grand Menagerie
  • A Dreaming Genre
And I'll stop there. Some of them are kind of cool, actually. I like the Gamer ones...'cause I am what is called a 'casual gamer'. Anyway, I thought that the idea, and the site, were cool enough to warrant their own post from me.


  1. I have created a monster! But what fun... I liked Grand Menagerie it sounds like it could be a name for something or other.

  2. I like Grand Menagerie and A Dreaming Genre. The dreaming one sounds like you and the Grand Menagerie will be you when you have a baby and pets! :)