Tuesday, December 16, 2008

baby pics

In honor of lifewiththemorgans, here are the pics that I sent with the last baby update, sent November 25. Actually, I'll go ahead and post the update itself as well...

At 20 weeks, I've officially passed the halfway point! I've gone from about 130 lbs to 136.5 lbs and my waistline has grown from 32" to 37.5". (Check out the pic of me, my belly looks huge! But it isn't, not really, when you think about how much bigger it's going to get.) I've been feeling the baby move around for a few weeks now, and we've even been able to see the baby kick a few times!! That is harder to accomplish, though, because if we're not looking right at my belly at exactly the right time, we miss it. And of course, as soon as we look, he stops kicking. Ah well, I know that it will be happening more and more often, and it will become easier to see as he gets bigger and his movements get stronger. I'm wearing almost all maternity clothing now, though I do have a few regular things left that I can comfortably wear. As of my most recent check up (yesterday) the baby and I are both doing just fine. They did find that I'm anemic, so the doctor gave me an iron supplement to take along with my prenatals. The only disappointment of the day was that we still were not able to determine the gender. Brandon swears that he saw evidence that the baby is a boy, but the doctor didn't see anything and neither did I. So, we will continue to use "he" (in place of "it") until we find out one way or another. We actually got 4 different pictures from the sonogram this time around, but only one of them was any good. It's actually a profile picture of the baby's face, with the forehead on the left and chin on the right. It was a whole lot clearer when we got to see it on the screen, but unfortunately, the still pictures are never as good as the "video" we see in the office. Oh well. I've also included a picture with Bran and I together, because *someone* (wink, wink) suggested it, and I thought it was a good idea.

I know that we "announced" names some time ago, but we've decided that there are simply too many baby Aidens in the world already. It seems like everyone has an Aiden, or knows someone who has an Aiden. And since it's something that we both noticed, we thought it would be a good idea to choose something else. Neither of us wants our child to be one of several children in his class to have the same name. So, in place of Aiden, we decided that if we have a boy, his name will be Logan James.

And, finally, for those who have not yet heard, Brandon has been promoted!! His new rank is Petty Officer First Class, or in terms of pay grade, he's an E-6. (I'm not sure what the title equivalents are in the other branches, but for those of you familiar with one branch or another, the pay grade thing ought to be helpful.) We are super excited about it, and I for one am incredibly proud of him. Yay, Bannon!


  1. Congrats to Brandon and thank you for the photo. You look great of course! Keep 'em coming :-)

  2. congratulations to both of you! Cute photo:)