Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ok, I'm learning, I'm learning!

My first foray into the world of the Shabby Princess was magical! So many wonderful digi scrap kits! Kelly sent me to check out the site, and I simply fell in love. I've heard the name thrown around both the shop and the blogosphere quite a bit, but I never knew what they were talking about (uninitiated as I was). Well, now I do, and now I'm hooked! I've already downloaded two scrap kits, though I've only gotten to play with one of them. This isn't my best work ever--the colors kind of blur together so it doesn't really pop--but I'm learning, and the learning process is fun. Stay tuned for future experiments!


  1. Very Nice! Welcome to the world of DIGI :) I told you that it was lots of fun. Sweet Picture :) When are you bringing her to the store? Thank you for keeping us updated with picture of Elora and how things are going.

  2. Another convert. I feel so powerful. Muauahahahahah!