Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Buddy Revisited

My mom was digging through her old photos, and found some pictures of me and my buddy. The first one was taken Christmas 1984, when I was 9 months old. (Can you believe how blue my eyes are? And they stayed that way until I was about 12, when they turned green.) I'd just received him from Gramma and Grampa, as well as the swan rocker that I'm trying to eat. Grampa made the rocker. The second one was taken when I was about 4, I think, and I'm sitting in Grampa's lap. This one pretty clearly illustrates how I felt about my Buddy.
And here is another shot of the giant Buddy that I bought for Elora. The eyes are different, and this one is enormous...but otherwise, a pretty good match, huh?

Ok, I won't bore you with anymore about Buddy. I just miss mine (still!) and I'm excited that I found one for Elora, even if he is too big to take to sleep-overs.


  1. What a cute baby you were! I absolutely see why you wanted the hilariously oversized puppy for Elora!

  2. well she seems to be enjoying it already! darling pics btw =)