Sunday, August 2, 2009

Elora *can* push her self up!

I remembered to put Elora on her belly the other day, and lo and behold! It turns out that she can raise herself up on her arms. And she doesn't seem to hate it quite as much now. I'm so excited! She just needs to learn to bring her hands in closer when she goes to push up. I did it for her once, and she she pushed way up. Then, she started to lean...and lean...and lean...and the next thing we knew she'd rolled herself on to her back. Craziness! Fun, new things are happening every day.

Oh, before you go...I'd like to draw your attention to the adorable little onesie she's wearing in those photos. I got it at the Exchange on Panzer last week, and I love it! In addition to the fact that it's uber adorable--I mean really, the lady bug on the butt is awesome-- it snaps all the way up the front, which is super handy! Elora likes it, because I don't have to pull it on over her head. I'm tempted to go back and get it in every size, so when she grows out of this one she can grow into the next one.

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