Monday, October 26, 2009

Our First Pumpkin

It's our 5th Halloween together, but this is our first pumpkin. It's pretty ridiculous, actually. The cat was supposed to have more detail around the face, but Bran didn't draw it in, and I forgot to do it before I started carving. Still, I think it turned out pretty well.

While we were working on gutting the pumpkin, Elora had her supper and a nap.

Then she and her daddy went upstairs to hang out while I did the actual carving. They came back down when it was time to do the eyes, and Brandon got out his drill. I wouldn't have thought to do it that way, and I have to admit that while Elora entertained herself on the floor

and Brandon went at the pumpkin with a power tool, I hovered over him until I could be sure that he wasn't going to destroy 3 hours worth of carving with that power tool. Once I was satisfied that it wasn't going to be demolished, I started taking pictures again. I'd say it turned out pretty well! I like our pumpkin. :)


  1. That's too funny that it's your first pumpkin! We bought the carving kit and a cool light, but never got the pumpkin. This year, we have our pumpkin and haven't carved it yet. lol I think kids are the main reason people carve pumpkins most of the time. It's just too much work!!!

  2. I LOVE the one of Elora sitting by the pumpkin! What a doll!

  3. very cool! Looks like my kitty, Piggy:) Elora looks so happy and it's good to see her holding her own bottle! She's gonna be in college before you know it!

  4. turned out great! good job... and Elora looks like such an active happy little girl... good job again =]