Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is something that I did ages ago...last winter, I think. I finished the embroidery, but I never did anything else with it, and I never posted it. I'd originally thought to make it into a little bag, but now I think I might frame it.

Also, I finally uploaded my pictures from when I was babysitting for Jennifer. Here are a few:

Ava was all about Elora for the first few days. She kept wanting to play with her, and was always bringing toys to share. We had to keep a sharp eye to make sure that Ava didn't share something that could hurt Elora, or be hurt by her. It was the sweetest thing!

Elora, for her part, didn't seem to mind hanging out at Jennifer's. She was her usual smiley self. I think she rather liked being around the other kids. Oh, she's definitely going to need siblings! But not just yet.

Ava was walking around in just the one boot...

The girls were all playing on the couch. When Elora grabbed a handful of Emily's hair, Emily just laughed and said "Look, she grabbed my hair!" Of course, this is the same child who, on this same day, informed me that I have pretzels on my butt. (If you've ever seen the tattoo on my back, this will make perfect sense. :)


  1. Beautiful Embroidery! Love the pictures of the kids. I can not believe how big Elora is!!!

  2. It's beutiful!!! The girl's looked like they were having fun. Cute pictures :)

  3. ohhhh the emrboidery is GORGEOUS!!! Your stitches are always perfect. This looks like crewel work (sp?). I love it! Where did you get the pattern? your head? An dof course I have to comment on the girls. I wa just telling Jon last night that if Ava had an Indian name it would be "wears one sock" becasue she is always in one sock...or one shoe..My Indian name is "stands with needle" FYI:) Everyone has an Indian name..

    Anywhooo, I'm so happy the girsl got along so well and I love the embroidery! You should definitly frame it and then do more:)

  4. The embroidery is beautiful! And the kids too of course! :)