Friday, January 22, 2010

Snow Baby

I took Elora out to see the snow after that first good snowfall.

We got all bundled up, and headed out to our little front yard.

She didn't much like it, and I certainly can't blame her!

Snow is pretty to look at, when it's fresh, but other than that, it's just terrible.

Quilt update: I got the embroidery finished on her name, and I got the backing pinned on.

Then I folded it up and put it on my table, and every time I see it I tell myself, "I'll get to it in a bit." The truth be told, I'm rather intimidated by the idea of hand quilting it, and I'm procrastinating. Now, I'm working on jewelry. I'll try to get some pictures posted.


  1. Cute. And that blanket turned out adorable! I also love the new blog layout... a lot!

  2. Cute blog LO... I have been wanting to change mine for a while now but too lazy to do it, maybe now I get motivated... came out great. Love the pictures of Elora :) I didn't know you were going to hand quilt Elora's quilt, now I can't wait to see it finished ;)

  3. You guys should check out Shabby Blogs. There are 2 links on my blog, and they have a lot of awesome free stuff, and it's all really easy to install. They give you instructions. :)

    And I will definitely bring Elora's quilt in when I'm done, you know I will have to brag!

  4. AWWW love bundled up babies!
    Beautiful job on the embroidering on the quilt! Cant wait to see it finished how are you planning on quilting it?

  5. Sweet baby girl! The quilt is so cute! Can't wait to see it finished.

  6. I love your new blog background! So cute! Adorable photos! And the quilt is turning out very cute!

  7. Elora is adorable or Elorable:) WHy would you hand quilt that? Just curious.. Not enough things to do in your life?? We have these things called sewing machines. It's 2010 not 1710:) I love the font and embroidery!