Monday, January 25, 2010

Big Girl Baths and An Offical Poll

Elora's ducky bath was dying.  He was needing patches and reinflation daily, so we allowed him to die a natural death.  RIP, ducky bath.

The upside is that Elora was beginning to be to big for her ducky bath anyway, and since she's gotten to be so good about sitting up on her own, it was time to move on to bigger, better things.  Namely, the Big Girl Bath Tub.  She has lots more room to play, which is good, because she's recently decided that she likes to play in the water.

Elora's towel-hoodie is still a favorite, thanks again Kara!!  I can foresee this being used and washed until it's so thread bare that it must be retired, lest it fall apart.

And now: my poll.  I am still trying to decide what to name my Etsy shop.  There are 3 options up there, but if you think you have something better, select the fourth option in the poll and leave your suggestion as a comment on this or any post. (If you don't have a Google or Blogger account, please leave your name so I know who to credit for the ideas!) I am totally up for suggestions.  The poll will be open until the end of February, unless I fall in love with something before then, in which case I will certainly let you know.  Thanks!


  1. That baby girl is just gorgeous! Can't believe how quickly she is growing...

    As far as names......I'll have to keep thinking.

  2. so here's an idea. you posted a comment to my fb status that said something like " chocolate with shipped cream." i didn't even notice the typo until your mom lovingly pointed it out (sweet sis). anyway, that might be a cute name for your Etsy shop...SHIPPED CREAM...since everything must be shipped...and you could play up the cream part with something about the products being the cream of th crop...

    ...just a thought
    <3 U

  3. Hmm... I like Busy Beads and All Wound Up. But maybe they both slightly suggest that you are stressed? They both insinuate a little bit of chaos. I like All Wound Up better though. Shipped Cream is kinda cute too.

  4. It's great when they like to play in the tub. I always took my shower first, then put nicolas in the tub to play. This way it was easier to get my hair and makeup done.

    She's getting bigger and cuter everyday!

  5. i love the pics :-) thanks for sharing!!

  6. awww, I hope the towel withstands the multiple washings, It's the first I've made. the pics are super darling. Silas is in love with water now too, we took him to a pool this weekend, he LOVED it!

  7. How adorable! I voted, for All Wound Up. It seems like the best one considering the variety of things you'll be selling. When are you opening your shop?! I want to see it.

  8. Awww. She is so adorable!
    Can't wait to see which one you choose! Totally still up for helping you out!

  9. For your Etsy name, I like All Wound Up the best, but it kinda sounds like a blog name, or the title to a short story or something... I was thinking just Wound Up sounded good. Or Wound Up Designs. Someone commented that All wound up and Busy beads had a stressed feel to it, but something like just Wound Up or Wound Up Designs makes it sound less like a saying or slogan, and more like you're advertising various intricately done crafts... just my two cents!
    Auntie Carrie