Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Hello Big Girl Baths!"

I'm still charging forward, playing catch up on my digi scrap book.  I had a hard time with this one too, for whatever reason it just took forever for it all to click into place.  But at least this one did click.  Still not sure about the last one.  (Thanks for your input on that one, ladies!  You know I love to get feed back.)

Do you recognize those frames, Kelly?  I tweaked the color a bit, but they're yours.  :)

It seems I didn't accomplish much this weekend.  I spent a lot of time stretched out on the couch, or puttering with my Farmville farm.  But then again, I also played with my daughter, did the laundry and swept and cleaned the kitchen--those last 2, I did twice.  Oh, and let's not forget the scrapbook pages.  So I guess it wasn't a waste after all.


  1. love seeing your spreads! They keep reminding me that I am about 4 years behind on my scrapbooking... I really need to get up the energy to start working on that... of course mine won't be anything as neat as yours!

  2. i love the colors and of course the pictures of elora are always adorable:) Ducky died? I loved that bath. So did the girls.

  3. Love the page! Of course I recognize the frames! hehe! Adorable!

  4. Thank you, ladies! Such lovely compliments.

    Yeah, the ducky bath died. We'd already patched a couple of leaks, when he got so many that we just couldn't keep air in him. We figured that it was time to move on, anyway. But I will totally get another one, when the next Gager comes along. ^_^