Thursday, May 27, 2010


Elora loves it when I brush her teeth.

She likes to "help" me with the laundry.  She actually managed to restart the washer before I could get the clean clothes out and into the dryer.  Since it locks itself once a cycle starts, all I could do was change it to "rinse and spin" and let it go.

Pictures from playing outside on Tuesday, when the weather was still being agreeable.

My newest Elora Book spread.  I went really simple this time.  I'm trying to escape the patterns I keep going to in my LO's.


  1. she's so stinkn cute! Hopefully she'll stay loving brushing the teeth. both of mine have gone through phases.

  2. Lol- those pics of elora's teeth brushing and her starting the washer are too funny, even the ones of her in her shades playing outside. Looks like she's been enjoying the nice weather we get once in a while, I know I am!
    I like the new spread too! :)

  3. Just hope she keeps helping!! ha ha She is growing too fast! Cute LO.

  4. Cute about the washer! Love the pics and pages!

  5. hahaha, that picture of Elora with her mouth wide open... that's what Silas does too... it's so tasty! cute pics!

  6. You have captured some unforgetable memories of Elora. She will thank you one day. These are adorable ;)