Friday, December 10, 2010

Recently, in the Green World...

Elora is sleeping every night in her toddler bed.

Brandon and I went to his command Christmas party last night.

It was held on a mini cruise ship called the Spirit of Norfolk, and it was a pretty swanky deal.  I wish I had more pictures, but I forgot my camera.  Oops.  I was exhausted by the end of it (one of the draw backs to attending a party on a ship is that you can't leave the party until it's officially over--when it docks) but it was fun and I'm glad we went.

This morning, we took Elora to see Santa Claus at the mall. 

 Santa himself was awesome, but I'm disappointed with everything about these photos.   I don't like the way it was framed, the quality of both the printed photos and the digital image on CD are very poor, and they all have this stupid red border.  And, they only gave us the one image on CD, instead of all of them like we got when we went to see Santa last year.  I almost said something while we were still there, and now I wish I had.  I'd thought that the original images on the CD would be better, but, well.  They weren't.  So, we'll be going back to see Santa again while we're in Florida.

On the way out of the mall, Elora and her daddy both stopped to check out a holiday toy display in Dillard's, so I grabbed the camera.

Elora loves to doodle-- these were taken at Abuelo's.  Unfortunately, she isn't particularly discriminating about what she doodles on.  Among other things, she's colored on her own clothes (ink), her daddy's clothes (crayon), and our bedroom wall (pencil).

We now have only one week before we leave for Florida, and I'm stressing a bit about getting things done before we go.  You know, Christmas-y things.  I can't believe how quickly time is flying by me these days...


  1. Such a sweet blog! Elora is such a cutie and love her log cabin quilt! Enjoy Norfolk, would love to see it some day. Loved Germany too! Hubby was in the airforce for 22 years and we lived in Germany, England and Scilly. Now in Ohio, but who knows, we may move again one day as we don't have ties here. Congratulations with daughter number 2 in progress!

  2. Elora's getting so big! She's so precious! What a fun way to party! Did you feel sea sick at all? I would worry about being stuck on there and getting motion sickness...

  3. Thank you, Needlewings! The quilt was made for her by a friend of the family's, and we've always loved it. My thanks to both your husband and to you for your longs years of service and sacrifice for our country. :)

    Kelly, wne I found out that the party would be on a ship, I asked my OB if it would be ok to take Dramamine, and she said yes. You'd better believe I took some before we got underway!!

  4. hope soon enough i will have one or twins to take care of, i believe it's wonderful


  5. Rex and I will be going to T-ville quite a bit this Christmas season... Zak is on leave for 2 weeks starting the 22nd before being deployed to S Korea. We should get together at Sunrise or something while we're all in town!

  6. I promise a desire to hope that the friends of mine are happy have not put like oneself happiness with coming the warm Christmas to like in every year's this time sending to my blessing Merry Christmas