Friday, August 26, 2011

Natural Disaster Week

Doesn't that sound dramatic?  Natural Disaster Week.  It's a bit misleading, though.  Brandon experienced a slight tremor in his building at work during the earthquake, but the girls and I were oblivious to it.  I had no idea that we'd had an earthquake until a good 2 hours after the fact.

Brandon said that this is pretty much the same as his experience of the earthquake as well.  It was subtle enough to make them all wonder if they'd really felt what they thought they'd felt.  His text to me said "I'm not on any drugs, but I think we just had an earthquake."  

And then there's Miss Irene.  Earlier this week we were expecting to tangle with a category 3 or 4 hurricane this weekend. Thankfully, the storm has lost strength as it moved north and now they're projecting that it'll be down to a category 1, or even a tropical storm, by the time it reaches us.  I haven't relaxed completely yet, and I'm not going to until after the storm is well beyond us, but at least my stomach and shoulders have returned to normal.  In the mean time I will continue to prepare and pray that our hurricane experience will be as uneventful as the earthquake.

PS:  Irene passed by us on Saturday.  We fared very well; we never even lost power.  Yesterday was a gloriously bright, sunny day, and today promises the same.  I think we're going to the beach.

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