Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rolling Over!

Kaylie started rolling over about a month or so ago, but I just got around to trying to get it on camera today.  I got some good pictures of her, though none of them are of her rolling.  I did get some video; if I can figure out how to get it on the computer, I'll share it with you.


  1. I love these rugs! It looks great.
    I made a huge one for my kitchen and it's so nice since you can wash them... but it took FOREVER to make. Funny you should post this because it made me realize that mom has never posted hers- I finished hers from 6 YEARS ago a few months ago she was almost done and just never did the last little bit... I really want to make another one but not sure have/want to spend the time on it.

  2. Ha ha Jessica made it here first... Yes she finished my rug. I have one more piece of the rug warp and was thinking..... This time it will be small and since Jess lives closer now I am sure it will be finished faster!
    Your's is looking great. Hope you find that hook soon! And yes, I thought you a bit crazy but not only for that..... and I like you that way! XOXO

  3. Cool Adrienne! That's a craft I've never tried. I can't wait to see it finished. Is it really tedious? It looks good!

  4. really cool adrienne! It's a craft I've not tried either. I wonder how many hours you've put into just that little bit...
    Keep it up!