Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

The girls were fairies for Halloween this year.  The original plan was for Elora to wear the official Dallas Cowboys cheerleader uniform that her Aunt Dawn got for her, but the outfit is still way too big for her.  It worked out well: I'd been wanting to make tutus for them anyway, and I had 2 pairs of wings that I could remake for them.

What the wings used to look like.

What they look like now.
 The tutus were easy-peasy, (I used ribbon instead of elastic) but those wings were a royal pain!!!  At first I though I could just throw some tulle on there and gather it at the inner sides, but that was simply not going to work.  Then I tried using pantyhose, but it squished the wings too much.  I was able to make it work on Kaylie's wings, but then I ruined it by trying to paint them and had to start over.

Finally, I wrapped the wire forms with long, narrow strips of tulle, then cut more tulle to fit the wings and stitched it on over the wrapped frames, and used puffy paint and glitter to decorate them.  They're tied on with another set of long ribbons of tulle.

"Really? You're going to make me wear these stupid wings? You do know I am going to try to eat them, right??"

Kaylie merely tolerated her costume, but  Elora had a blast getting all dressed up.  I painted her nails and did her make up, which she loved.  She was super excited about putting her tutu and wings on (I hadn't let her play with them so she wouldn't mess them up) and was very good about letting me do her hair.  When they were ready, we took them outside for pictures...

...and then took them to the mall for trick-or-treating.

Elora didn't seem to like the trick-or-treating.  I think she was overwhelmed by the crowd; there were a ton of people there. Once we got out of the crowd, she perked up again.  It also helped that "aunt" Bekah met us at the mall just as we were finishing up.

Then we had Abuelo's for dinner, just like we did last year, and Rebekah joined us there too.


  1. These costumes are adorable and I'm sure you'll have a ball throughout the years!!!!!

  2. They both look so cute! Elora is loving the princess-like attention! Nice job with the wings, they look way better after the redo!


  3. So cute and very very sweet! Great job on their outfits. The wings are gorgeous.

  4. WoW! she so cute.. love the costume.=D

  5. oh my goodness kaylie's face was awesome!
    Love the costumes!