Friday, November 18, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Exercise, for the Ladies

This was taken to show how much water the girls had splashed on me from the bath tub, but when I looked at it later, I realized that it also shows how much progress I've made!
 I just completed Day 30, of my 30 Day Shred.  In 4 weeks, I've lost 10 lbs and 3.5" from my waist.  Jenny's lists always crack me up, so I decided to do one of my own in honor of my accomplishment.  I know, I know, you're probably sick of me talking about exercise and such, but it's been on my mind a lot lately, and even though I've been making a ton of stuff, I can't post any of it yet because it's all for Christmas. So, here are my Top 10 Reasons for Ladies to Exercise:  It....

10) Keeps you regular, if you know what I mean.

9) Improves cardiovascular health, but you knew that.

8) Improves grace and balance. (I've noticed a huge improvement in my balance over the last month!!)

7) Gets you back into those "skinny" clothes you almost gave away, but didn't, just in case.

6) Improves your mood, and even better, studies are showing that it can help combat depression, too!

5) Gives you something to be proud of, when you meet your personal goals.
4) Makes him do a double take.

2) Speeds your metabolism.

1) Makes sex better!   Core work strengthens your pelvic floor, which has all sorts of benefits in addition to better sex and orgasm.  There are too many to list here, so seriously, click that link.

It seems that I've already managed to inspire a few of my friends to start exercising and treating their bodies right, which is wonderful!  Thank you ladies, you know who you are, for letting me know.  It's made me feel even better about my decision to get healthy, and given me more encouragement to meet my own goals.  It's easier, when I feel like there's someone is doing this with me.


  1. ACCCKKKK you used the O word!!!

    Glad you are seeing benefits from exercising..........;-)

  2. LOL We're all adults here, right??