Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bark in the Park 2012

After having such an awesome time at Bark in the Park last year, it was a bit of a let down this year. The weather was crummy and we didn't get out there until it was nearly over because of the rain and Kaylie's nap.  But, we had a good time in spite of the chill and the mud.  There were puppies, and kettle corn, and a bouncy house...

Doggie Ergos!  That's even better than the doggie strollers.  :)
This little guy was only 7 weeks old, his name was Jack (my grandfather's name!), he was just as snuggly as could be, and he was up for adoption.  Giving him back to the volunteer was so hard!!
The girls loved the bouncy house!
The guy even let them have it all to them selves, so they wouldn't get squished by the older kids.
We met Rebekah and James there, and her hubby joined us later.
He is such a little chunk, I love him!
  I hope the day is better next year!  The kids love all the animals.  :)

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  1. Fun! As tempting as pets are.... at least you can actually kennel them and leave for a bit. Ha ha