Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family Portraits

We finally got around to having some family portraits done!  And it was about time, too.  The last time we had portraits done was when Elora was a newborn!  This time, we had Allison Watzek, a local photographer and friend-of-a-friend, do the photos for us.  At her suggestion, we went to the Chesapeake Arboretum about an hour before sunset.  

Over all, I'm really pleased with the photos!  My only complaint is that some of the photos are tip-tilted, but that's really a minor thing.  Her pricing was really reasonable:  only $125 for an hour's photo shoot, and all our photos on a disk for us to print at will.  We ended up with 28 photos, though she'd only promised about 20.  What a deal!  I would definitely recommend her, but unfortunately for everyone else in Hampton Roads, she's decided to take a break from photography to focus on her children. 

Next time, I think that we'll try to do our portraits ourselves.  Brandon and I are both decently handy with a camera, and I'm pretty handy with Photoshop as well.  All we need is a tripod.  :)


  1. They are very nice photos! The girls are so precious!

  2. What fun family portraits. Those girls are so cute and so big!

  3. You guys are gorgeous! I love family photos... I need to get ours updated as well.