Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall Visit to Florida

We're not going to Florida for Christmas this year.  I was thinking that it would be good to stay at home and start building some family traditions of our own, but we were undecided until our friends set their wedding date for the beginning of March.  It didn't make good sense to go to Florida in December, and then again in February/March, so that settled it.  But we didn't want to wait until the end of February, either, so we made a trip down over Halloween.  It was really neat to get to do different things with the family this time.  Since we usually go over Christmas, we normally just do the round of Christmas-y things, but this time, we got to do Halloween-y things, like visiting the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, and going trick-or-treating.

Cecelia, Merryn, Veronica, Alanna, Kaylie, me, and Elora.  :)

Halloween night was pretty crazy.  We actually went trick-or-treating with Mom, Merryn and Cecelia, and Alanna and Veronica as well as Rex and Kelly and their two children, but I only had a chance to get photos of half of the group--and none of us together.  We went first to see my uncle at the nursing home, then to my grandmother's, then we split up and Mom, Alanna, Veronica and Cecelia went to see Alanna's boyfriend while the rest of us went to see Brandon's parents.  I'd intended to do photos after all that, but before actual trick-or-treating, but by the time we got back to my mom's the light was too poor to do photos.  Boo.

blowing bubbles with Gigi
at the park with Gigi, Krystal and Thomas
Thomas, Krystal and Staria (Gigi)
We also spent a lot of time catching up with family, and just plain playing.  

at my Grandmother's

Sam and Tony--the newly-weds  :)

Elora, Carrie, Sam, me and Kaylie, on the day that they had to leave.  Don't let the smiles  fool you, we were all pouting.
It's hard to compress 2 weeks worth of photos, but here you are, the highlights.  There's a bit more, but it can wait for another post.  :)

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