Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend With Aunt Peguy

Peguy and her boys (T-man and J-bird, as she calls them on her blog) came down from DC for a visit a few weekends ago.  It had been almost a year since we last saw them.  (Wait, what?  Where the heck did all that time go?)  Her little one is already 8 months old, and we just got to meet him.  Crazy.  They came down on Saturday, and we spent the afternoon just relaxing around the house.  

We ordered take-out for dinner, then Peguy and I took the three older kids out to play for a bit while J-bird took a nap.  We didn't take anything but the camera out there with us initially, but I kind of face-palmed and then ran back to the house for the bubbles.  


Sunday morning was just as relaxed.  We took our time getting moving, letting the kids enjoy one another's company.

We didn't do much of anything until after lunch, when we walked the kids to the little playground behind our neighborhood.

We decided--unanimously--the we aren't going to wait so long between visits this time.  Maybe next time, I'll pack up the girls and head on up to DC for a nice relaxing weekend at Peguy's.  :)

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  1. Awww, I love the way you do the collage of pics and can post so many more pics. Borrowing that idea for sure.

    We had such a great time and have to do that more often.

    Nice relaxing weekend here or at your place coming soon :)