Monday, May 13, 2013

Fun at the Park!

Back toward the beginning of May, the girls and I met Rebekah and James at the park for a bit of fun.

For the most part, the kids each did their own thing.  

Kaylie tried a couple of times to keep up with her sister, but kept getting side tracked.

It didn't stop her from wanting to do whatever her sister was doing.  After seeing Elora walking around on the wood curb, she had to do it too.  She was a lot slower, but she kept at it, long after Elora had gotten bored with it and moved on.

At some point, Elora started playing with this little boy named Ethan. He spent the most of the afternoon following her around.  I found myself wondering if I was getting a glimpse into the future...

James did all of his playing with his mama.  Even though he's only a year younger than Kaylie, that one year makes a heck of a difference.  Elora was too busy playing with the bigger kids, and Kaylie started spurning him around the time that he started walking.  And though he is walking, he's still not super steady on his feet, and didn't need to be far from his mama anyway.

Poor guy.  He and Kaylie used to be best friends.  Now she wants nothing to do with him.  Here she is, sitting in his stroller, munching on a piece of cheese from his snack stash, she even stole some of his juice, and she wouldn't even look at him.

Granted, in this instance, he was more interested in the cheese than he was in her, but this is pretty typical of their interactions these days.  Thankfully, his mama was far more prepared for the day than Kaylie's, and she had plenty of snacks in the stash.  (Thanks again, Rebekah, for feeding my bottomless pit!  I should have known better than to bring only a single snack's worth.)

We stayed for a few hours, and scooted out of there with just enough time to pick up Brandon from the house, and get me to the optometrist in time for my appointment.  :)

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  1. What a fun time with James. I am still in awe at how fast he is growing, Walking like a big boy and all.

    In that last picture of Kaylie (the left one) she really looks like Elora