Sunday, March 8, 2009

How Lucky Am I?

Yesterday, Brandon and I went to a shower thrown for us by the wife of his division officer. It was a blast! It had all the traditional elements: games, presents, lots of baby related talk. Actually, I felt kind of bad, because Brandon and I we won half the games we played. I mean, why should we get any of the prizes, when we already had a table full of baby gifts? But Jen, the hostess, insisted and no one seemed to mind. And, it was fun to play. Anyway, in addition to all the normal stuff, it was a co-ed shower, so it also had all the elements of a good old fashioned party. You know, lots of food, a few cases of good German beer, a nice selection of mixed drinks... But nothing too crazy. There were a few kids there, after all. It was cute... for the most part, the two little girls played together, and the two boys ganged up on Brandon, because they know that Brandon will actually play and rough house with them. Really, we need to have a little boy next time, because Brandon definitely needs a boy to play with. ^_^

So, how lucky am I? My family put together a baby shower for me while I was back home in January, Brandon's co-workers held a shower for us yesterday, and my friends at work are hosting one for me tomorrow! We are incredibly blessed to have so many people who care about us. And Elora is already one spoiled little girl. :)


  1. You're pretty lucky for sure! Babies are so fun!

  2. Wow, three showers! that's lots of love... lucky duck =)