Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Amazing Husband

Because I only work part time and I know that he works hard (sometimes for 10 or 11 hours a day) I rarely ask Brandon for help with things around the house. But since our new addition is going to be here in only a week, I kind of hit the panic button about getting everything ready... not just in the nursery, but the whole house. After all, we're both going to have better things to do than to clean the floors. The hitch was that I'm rather limited in what I can do at the moment (also because Elora's arrival is so close) and so I appealed to Bran for help. He didn't really understand my sense of urgency, but he was willing to help anyway, just because I asked him to. In the past several days, he has:

*Helped me cook dinner, every night. In fact, last night, he did everything except cut up the tomatoes so that I could wash dishes. (our dish washer just went kaput, so I had a full load's worth to hand wash.) Then, he thanked me for dinner.

*Taken me baby-shopping, and waited patiently with out even a single complaint while I changed my mind 4 millions times.

*Helped me to arrange and decorate the nursery, which included moving furniture, carting boxes up and down the stairs, and hanging things on the wall.

*Swept or vacuumed, and then mopped the entire house.

*Helped me bake chocolate chip cookies. (Ok, this one was just for fun, but it was still awesome! He is so much fun to cook with, and it was just as much fun to bake with him.)

*Cleaned out the litter box.

And, finally:

*He took the old nail polish off of my toe nails, and then trimmed and filed them for me. Because I can see my toes, or I can touch my toes, but I can't do both. He's such an amazing husband--whatever did I do to deserve him?-- and he's going to be an amazing father. Really, what more could a girl ask for?