Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fantastic Friends

This is the purse and wallet set I commissioned from Lizy and Katelyn, respectively.  I chose the fabric, and they did all the work.  Don't I have incredible friends??  Seriously, you guys are awesome.
  As a bonus, we got some awesome little charms in at the shop, and one of them just happened to match my new set perfectly.  So I brought one home and promptly made it into a zipper pull.

Perfect, right?  Man, I love it when that happens.  Double yay!!  More of the zipity-do-da-ness.

As a side note, this is what happens when you forget to adjust the white balance setting on your camera:

And this is what happens when you correct it:


  1. Wow, Adrienne, you did a fantastic job on the bags. way to go... Got to love that white balance setting. Corinnea explained it to me when I first got my camera and I love it :)

  2. can Elora get any cuter? I can't stand it!
    great job on the bags! You and lizy making up stuff... crazy!

    you can really see how much elora and brandon look in the middle picture of them.

  3. the cutness aplies to all photos of elora but what I said about brandon and her applies to the post before this one! oops:)

  4. Cute bags and pictures! I definitely need to stop by the shop again soon and see what's new. I think I'm having withdrawls after seeing some new stuff on ppl's posts!! :)

  5. I am so glad the "craftyness" of Grandma is being kept alive in our family. The bags look great! Love you.

  6. That zipper charm is soooo cute! I love it! Have you considered making reusable shopping bags to sell? I don't know if they'd be too pricey, but I saw some at a boutique and they were much cuter than regular ones from publix and target.

  7. Everything is beautifully done Adrienne! I'm impressed.