Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Elora!

Elora's birthday party was Sunday.  I was really happy with the way it went, but really disappointed too.  Peguy  and Neil were able to come, which made me really happy.  They brought a few guests too, some of her family who happened to be visiting that weekend.  And our friend Brandy came with her 3 children, but her husband (who works with Brandon) stayed home, since he wasn't feeling well.  

The house looked great, and the food was great, mostly because my husband gave his weekend over to helping me.  I couldn't have accomplished so much without his help.  (Thanks, baby!)  The cake turned out really well too, thanks to a hand mixer on loan from Mary A. (Thanks Mary!) and a few icing tips from my mom (Thanks Momma!).  I can't even remember the last time I did a cake like this:

I had a few issues with the icing, but ultimately, I was pleased with the result.  It was pretty; it was yummy.  So what if it wasn't perfect?  Nothing, that's what.

 The party itself went well; I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time.  We had cake and icecream, and we all sang happy birthday.
See the decorations and balloons?  I ordered all the decorations online, and picked out my balloons at the shop.  We just happened to have the mylar balloon that matched my decorations perfectly.  It was awesome! (Thanks Lizy and Katelyn for blowing them up and messing with that yucky high-float for me!)

 Elora enjoyed her cake.  As a matter of fact, she liked it so well that she stuck her face in it.

It was so cute!  We got a lot of really great pictures too.  About 450 of them.  I think this one is my favorite.

So what was the problem, you ask?  Only this.

Brandon and Elora were both sick all weekend.  They were both miserable on Sunday, but they were both champs.  I just felt so bad for Elora.  She was so lethargic, so unlike her usual happy self.  She hardly smiled and her eyes were dull.  It made me sad.  Didn't we just go through this?  Oh that's right, yes, we did.  Just last month.   

Brandon is better, but poor Elora is still sick.  I'd scheduled her 12 month well baby exam for today, and it worked out well that I already had an appointment for her to see a doctor.  He said she'll be fine (which I already knew, but it was good to hear him say it anyway) but that she's definitely cutting new teeth, poor thing.  I'll be glad when she doesn't have any more teeth to cut.  The good news is that she's perfectly healthy, aside from the cold, and is right where she ought to be developmentally.  Yay!  I just want her to feel better, and soon.

Happy Birthday, my little Honey Bear.


  1. Glad you could have a good day in spite of the illness. Happy bday Elora! Feel better soon.

  2. Happy Birthday Elora! Glad you had fun.

  3. Wish I could have been there.
    Love You, Momma

  4. Sorry she had to spend her big day sick. But it looks as if y'all put on a good party. Happy B-Day Elora!

  5. Happy Birthday Elora! At least she won't remember that she was sick! It looked like a very nice event!

  6. the pix of you and elora are beautiful. i think it's great she stuck her face in the cake...it's perfectly acceptable at one; maybe not so much at 30-something, like me ;)

  7. Happy Birthday Elora!! She looks sooo adorbale, even sick:) EMily was the exact same on her 2nd b-day. Lethargic, etc. poor thing. ALl the pictures are really great. You look beautiful:)

  8. Im sorry she was sick. You got some adorable pictures of her though! I love the cake face plant!
    And the cake is adorable!!! love the little flowers

  9. Thank you Jennifer! It was warm enough to wear a skirt that day, so I felt pretty and feminine.

    Elora is pretty much better now. She still has that terrible sounding cough, but she's acting more like herself.