Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cups and Cousins

Elora definitely isn't interested in sippy cups, but she loves to drink out of our glasses.  She makes a mess with it, of course, but she does it.  We'd shared a piece of carrot cake--this child loves carrot cake--and she grabbed for my water glass.  There was only a bit left in there, but it was a big glass, so I helped her with it.

She kept trying to drink even after it was gone, though, so I went and got her a smaller, more manageable glass and put a little water in it for her.  She did better with it, once she got used to the smaller, lighter glass.  (I guess she was expecting it to be heavier at first, because she dumped half of it down her shirt when she first picked it up.)  

Cute, right?  I'm going to have to get her some little plastic cups to practice with, though Brandon thinks we still need to work on the sippy cup thing.

My beautiful "little" cousin, Merryn, who has been taller than me since she was 13 or 14, is expecting a baby girl this summer.  She's young, and this was not a planned pregnancy, but she is so excited to be a Mommy.  She's taking it in stride, and the family is behind her 100%.   
Merryn is more of a sister to me than she is a cousin, so really, I'm going to be Auntie to another little niece.  Cecelia Michele is expected in June.  :)


  1. That cute little girl! Look at her trying to be a big girl! Good luck to your cousin! It's a hard life, but it makes you strong! :)

  2. Congrats! New babies are always wonderful, even when they're surprises. Cecelia is a great name. It's my little sister's name and we always complain to my mom that she got the best one. We spell it Cecilia though.

  3. I am sure you will be a great cousin/sister/auntie figure. The girls will be close enough in age to really enjoy eachother!

  4. Pretty preggy pics! I've never seen a pregnant girl w/ a belly ring, so this is making me re-think whether or not to keep mine as well when I too become preggers.

  5. That last pic of Elora with her big girl cup is ADORABLE!!!
    We have a teen mom in the high school sunday school class. The pregnancy wasn't too hard, but after the baby arrived... it really hit her how difficult it is to grow up so fast. She's done an amazing job adjusting and puts her baby first above trying to be a teenager. Her son is a VERY happy 5-month old and she takes life day by day. I'm sure you'll be a great source of knowledge and love when she needs you :-)