Friday, September 3, 2010

Because I'm Probably The Only One Who Found That Last One Interesting.

I snapped these pictures of Elora on one of our last mornings in our apartment.  

I went to brush her teeth for her like I always do, but she pushed her lips together and shook her head "no."  When I asked if she wanted to do it herself, she shook her head "yes".  

So I switched from the finger brush to her little white toothbrush, and put some of her safe-if-swallowed toothpaste on it for her, and let her go.  

Ok, well, maybe I did help her a little at first, to make sure she actually got her teeth clean, instead of just sucking off the toothpaste which is what she would have done if I'd let her.

The good news is that I have a kid who likes to brush her teeth--yay!