Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We Got the Nursery Painted!!

Well, mostly.  I ran out of paint at the very end, so the corner by the door still needs its second coat.  But for all practical purposes, it's done!  You remember what it looked like before, right?  Totally drab.  But now it's a nice, cheerful yellow.  I love it!


I bought the paint on Sunday, thinking that we would tackle it next weekend.  Then I found out that  Brandon would be off from work on Monday.  The initial plan was to trade off between the two of us, with one working on the nursery and the other entertaining Elora.  But then Rebekah called and offered to come over and help, so Brandon got put on permanent Elora detail and Rebekah and I tackled the room together. 

We got a late start though, because after opening the paint and putting a bit on the wall, I decided that it was way too pale.  I'd been deliberating between 2 shades, chosen the darker one, and then chickened out at the last minute and got the lighter one.  Bah.  So, as soon as Rebekah got here, we headed out to Lowe's to have them add more pigment to the paint.  And since we were out, I decided that I had to have some Dairy Queen (I have been craving their chocolate ice cream like crazy).  And Brandon was hungry, so we stopped and got him some lunch at Firehouse.  After all that, it was about 3 in the afternoon.  It was a good thing that I'd already taped everything off that morning, and that there were two of us to work on it.  Thanks to Rebekah, we were able to finish it that evening, and get it all put back together for Elora to sleep in her room that night.  Hooray!

And now that I have color on the wall in one room, I want to get color on the walls elsewhere, too.  I think that when I go to get the pint of paint that I need to finish the nursery, I'm also going to get paint for the big bathroom.  Maybe that's what we'll do this weekend.  ^_^

Did you notice the poster in the nursery?  Sara and I colored this together about 10 years ago.  We started it Thanksgiving weekend of our junior year in high school.  I'm not sure how long it took us to finish it, but I know we spent hours working on it.  When it was done, I had it laminated to protect it, and I've been toting it around with me ever since, just waiting for me to have kids to enjoy it.  Aside from the fairies by the closet, it's the only decoration up in her room.  We still need to get a dresser and the crib in there, after all, and I don't want to put everything up until I know where things are going to be.  But it was awfully boring in there, and I didn't think 4 wee holes would be too bad.  And besides, I love this poster.  Thanks, Sara, for letting me have custody of it.  :)


  1. Love the color! I know what you mean about picking out paint... I've spent too many hours having anxiety over wall color.

  2. i love yellow. Just thought i'd let you know that you made an excellent choice! That coloring is cool. Did you use one of those fuzzy pictures?

  3. Corinnea, color anxiety is the main reason why I haven't gotten anything else painted!

    Katelyn, this particular poster isn't fuzzy, but I have a few more that are. I think I might be putting them up in there too, once we have the rest of the furniture in. :)

  4. GREAT JOB on going back to the store and fixing the color. I think most would have just painted the wall and realized after the room was finished that it wasnt quite right. The yellow looks so pretty!

  5. so fun! Can't wait to see how you finish off the nursery! When is number 2 due again?

  6. I'm due March 13, but "everyone" is saying that the baby will come early. We'll see!