Friday, April 29, 2011

Family Fun

Here's another photo-heavy post, this time about what we've been doing over the past couple of weeks.  :)

Elora likes to play guitar with her dad.  Sometimes they both play, sometimes she just sings and dances while he plays.  We're going to have to make sure that she really learns to play at some point.  It's something of a Gager family tradition.  :)


We took the girls to the playground again.  

Bran and I took turns with them, one of us playing with Elora and the other hanging out with Kaylie in the shade.


We've been playing outside at home.

My mom bought the hat while she was here, and Elora just loves it.  For that matter, so do I!

And we've been watching Glee on Netflix.

I love my family.  :)


  1. Beautiful day with your two beautiful girls!

  2. Those girls look so much alike! Glad you had such a fun family day.

  3. WOW she is already so big! Love the pics! Glad you are taking time enjoying each other.