Sunday, April 17, 2011

Elora's Birthday

Not surprisingly, I'm way behind on posting.  A lot of my time and energy goes into keeping Kaylie fed, clean and diapered.  Most of what doesn't go to Kaylie goes to Elora, and Brandon and I get whatever is left over.

I'm loving it.  But I know the family has been asking for news and pictures, so I thought I'd make time to catch up a bit, starting with Elora's birthday.  She got a HUGE box of goodies from her Gigi and Papa a few days before her birthday.

 On her birthday, we made cupcakes...

...we sampled cupcakes...

...we picked out and set up her new aquarium...


...and we sang Happy Birthday.


Then, Oma (my mom) took Elora birthday shopping while she was here, Rebekah continued her campaign to keep Elora in fabulous shoes, and we'll be having an official party for her when Brandon's family gets here.  Elora is well on her way to being Seriously Spoiled, if she isn't there already.


  1. I can only imagine how little time you have. With only 1 baby it was crazy those first few months! Neal and I had to make it a point to talk each day so that we wouldn't become strangers.

    In a few years you can take them to disney and get the princess makeovers for them! Ahhhh too much cuteness!!

  2. So very sweet! Those girls are beautiful!

  3. Looks like you're really enjoying your new(ish) family! Congratulations on such adorable kids! xoxo