Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day, and Other Stuff

 We spent most of Father's Day just lazing around, because that's what Brandon wanted to do.  He did want to go out to dinner, though, and since he was in the mood for seafood, I poked around online and found a few local seafood places.  We ended up at Rose Bay here in Chesapeake.  The food was good, if a bit over-priced.


 Elora smiles and says "cheese" for the camera, now.  It's an hilariously awkward, fake-looking grimace, but I love it.

It was my idea to get a little dressed up, and good man that he is, Brandon humored me even though it was his day and not mine.

Cool story:  On the way to the restaurant, Elora saw one of these:
and she said "S-T-O-P, stop!"  Brandon and I looked at each other for a moment in stunned surprise, then started laughing and praising her.  I'm telling you, my girl is crazy smart. 

 As I mentioned before, I made Elora's blue dress longer than I meant to, and when she wore it on Saturday, I realized it was too long.  Yesterday, I hauled the sewing machine back out, chopped 5" from the bottom of the dress, and added a yellow ruffle.  I'm liking the results.

The ruffle doesn't exactly match the yellow ribbon I used for the belt, so I'm chalking this up as another experiment.  I'm not sure if anyone else will even notice.  Maybe I shouldn't have pointed it out?  I also wanted to show a size comparison between the dresses I made last summer, and the ones I made this year.

Both were made to fit Elora, and to fall at mid calf. The green one, made for Elora at 17 months, now fits Kaylie and falls to her ankles at 3 months.  I wonder if Kaylie will continue to grow so fast???

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful father's day!

    The dress is very cute with your modification. I like the not completely matching ruffle.