Friday, June 10, 2011

Locked Out

I had something of an adventure this morning...  I'd gone outside to bring the trash can in from the street, and when I tried to come back in, I found myself locked out.  I knew I hadn't locked myself out, because the knob was turning.  It seemed as if the dead bolt had been locked, but Elora isn't tall enough to reach it.  Right?
Reaching for airplanes.
Anyway, I couldn't get in, and I knew all the windows were locked, so I ordered myself not to panic, walked next door, and asked to use the phone.  I called Brandon first, which was pretty silly, in hind sight.  He was too far away to be able to help.  I went back and tried to get in one more time, going so far as to slam myself into the door several times in the hopes that there was only something blocking it, and that I could force it open. I still couldn't get in, but I could hear Kaylie crying, and I could see Elora's frightened face.  I repeated my order not to panic.

Back at the neighbor's, I called a lock smith, but they said I'd have to wait at least 25 minutes.  I said no thank you, and called the police.  They had an officer at my house within 5 minutes.  He couldn't get it open either, so he went to check the windows while we waited for the fire department to get there.  By some miracle, he was able to open the first window he tried.  I was a little embarrassed that it had been so easy, and that I had to climb in through the window in a skirt, but those feelings were completely eclipsed by the relief I felt at being able to get in to the girls.

Once assured that we were all ok, the neighbor and the cop left.  I called Brandon back to let him know I'd gotten in, then I shook and cried and hugged the girls.  I fed Kaylie.  I called my mom.  Eventually, I stopped shaking and calmed down.  I checked all the windows, and found that they had all been locked, but on that one, the locks hadn't engaged properly.  I never thought I'd be so grateful for an unlocked window.  Personally, I believe it was by the grace of God.  If we'd had to wait for the FD, they would have been alone longer, and there's the possibility that Elora could have been hurt in breaking down the door, and we would have had to replace the door...  I never thought I'd be so grateful for an unlocked window!

Apparently Elora is tall enough to reach the deadbolt.   At this point, I'm fairly certain that's what happened. I took her to the door to see if she could reach it, and she proceeded to turn the lock right in front of me.  I can assure you, I'll not be leaving the house without my keys any more, not even to check the mail or get the trash can.

PS:  The pictures are completely unrelated.  I just wanted to share them.


  1. oh dear... of all the times for her to try it it's when you leave! Glad it turned out ok!

  2. I have a Realtor lock box by my door that holds a spare key. It cost about $25 (the one I bought). No one can get into it unless they know the code. I highly recommend it as it has saved me MANY times. And one time I was out and realized I had left the oven on so I called the neighbor, gave her the code and had her go over and turn off the oven! Then you just change the code. You have kids...get one!! I'm sorry this happened to you:(

  3. Oh my, that had to be so very scary. Leave it to Jennifer to have the genius solution!! So very glad it all turned out well. Why when we think our kids can't, is that the exact moment they can and do???

  4. One of my nephews did this to me when he was about 2 years old. Going window to window looking for a way in the house was no fun, and luckily I found a window open.

    Note: watch out for kids pushing the lock in the front seat of the car... and locking all the doors automatically! Never leave your keys in the ignition, even if you're just getting out of the car for a few seconds. :)

  5. So sorry! What a terrifying experience! I'm glad it turned out OK in the end and now you can just think about what a genius your daughter is for figuring that one out on her own!! xoxo