Monday, September 12, 2011

6 Months!

Kaylie hit the 6 month mark on Saturday, and to celebrate, she got her first taste of solid foods!  (I'm not counting the time a few months ago when Elora tried to share one of her goldfish crackers with her sister.) I put a piece of watermelon in one of these and helped her get it in her mouth.  The watermelon got mixed reviews.

Elora, on the other hand loves watermelon.  She requested it specifically when we were at the store, and she asked so nicely that I very promptly put one in the basket.  It's all gone now.

We also got a new car seat for Kaylie this weekend.  Target had an awesome baby sale going, and had their MyRide65 car seats marked down from $160 to $100.   That's the seat I'd planned to get for Kaylie anyway, so I went ahead and grabbed one on sale even though she hasn't quite outgrown the infant seat.

I'll probably go ahead and switch over now, anyway.  It's a pain to get her in and out of the infant seat, and she's getting too heavy to tote around like that.  We'll just keep it rear-facing for a while.