Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We packed up the new car and headed out to the beach on Sunday.  This has been a very, very long time coming.  It was the first time that I'd been to the beach since moving to Germany--4 years ago!  We've been meaning to go all summer, and it took us until now to finally make it.  Now that we've been, I think it made better sense than I realized to wait.  It would have been rather foolish, and a lot less fun, to go in the spring, when Kaylie was tiny.  Really, beaches are not infant friendly places.  They're too hot and too sandy for tiny babies.  But at 6 months, it was perfect!   The day was beautiful, the girls were very good, and we all had a good time.

Brandon and Elora played in the water.  I'm not a strong enough swimmer to feel comfortable taking her out there, so it made more sense for me to stay with Kaylie.  He took her out there twice, and even with the water spraying in her face (she normally hates that) and even though she was shivering cold, she didn't want to come out of the water.

We all played in the sand.  Even Kaylie managed to get her hands on some, despite our efforts to prevent it.  Elora couldn't even wait until we actually got on the beach to start playing.  She squatted down right by the car, started playing in the little bit of sand there.  (I was too busy putting sunscreen on Kaylie to get a picture.)  She had a very thorough bath last night, but I'm pretty sure she still has sand in her hair.

While Elora played in the sand, Brandon and I took turns keeping her company and entertaining Kaylie on the blanket.  She's getting good with a bottle, and getting better at sitting up.  I worried about her getting too much sun, especially in her eyes, but I couldn't keep the hat on her.  Next time, we need to bring an umbrella.

Before we left, we asked a fellow beach-goer to take a family picure for us.

And on the way home, we stopped at a mom-and-pop seafood restaurant for dinner, where stuffed ourselves silly on a sampler platter for two (Elora nibbled on it too). It was a good day.


  1. This will be one of those days you always remember :)

    I agree, we didn't take Silas to the beach until this summer. Last summer he was a blobby newborn and it would not have been fun for anyone!

    I'm also freaked about him getting too much sun. This kid is Estonian!!!

  2. It looks like you guys had a blast. Love your pages. :)