Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Spoils

My birthday this year was fantastic.  The girls were so good all day long, which was a gift in itself.  I spent the day playing with them and lounging on the couch with my book.  My phones--home and cell--kept beeping and ringing off their hooks.  When Brandon walked in the door after work, he had another dozen roses, a balloon, and a gift: a new set of wine glasses, and a bottle of wine to go with them.  He then proceeded to whisk us all off to my favorite restaurant for dinner and dessert, where the girls continued to be incredibly well behaved, even by their standards, which is impressive indeed.  And finally, on the way home, he took me by my new favorite store to spend some of my birthday money.

I am in love with my new dinnerware set.  My old set had been a gift from my mom long before I was even married, and they served us well for a long time.  My tastes have since changed (dare I say, matured?) and a few pieces had been broken anyway, so it was time.  I can now serve up to 8 people with my lovely green dishes, I have the smaller bowls on order, and I plan to at some point acquire the serving set as well.

We had a surprisingly warm, sunny day on Thursday, so we took advantage of it.  Elora and I went outside while Kaylie was napping, then went back out after she woke up.  Kaylie just wanted to put everything in her mouth, so she ended up in the exersaucer, but Elora couldn't make her mind up what she wanted to do.  Ride the trike?  Draw with chalk?  Play catch?  Watch her shadow?  Investigate all the neat twigs, sticks, cones, seeds, and green, growing things?   She did a little of everything, but spent most of her time exploring, and putting her finds into that blue bucket. Yay sunshine!


  1. Happy late birthday Adrienne! I love al the photos of the girls. ADORABLE! Or ELORA-BLE! Kaylie-ble to but Elora sounded better:)

    The dishes are gorgeous. I remember our 1st apartment 9just thinking about chainging taste) and how I had made huge burgandy-colored pillows with gold moons and stars. We even had a blanket we bought in San Fransisco nailed to the ceiling...oh my, just so ecelectic and not good eclectic. More like college dorm (not styled by Pottery Barn teen). We even had plastic beads as a door for our kitchen. This would have been 1992-1993. Anyway, I understand about taste. You think your choices are the best then 10 years later you're cringing:)

  2. Happy late Bday! So glad you had a good one! Your dishes are lovely. Wait till you're 30 years down the road to see how your taste changes! I do think you chose well with this set though, they look pretty timeless.

    The girls are so very cute!

  3. so glad the weather (along with the girls) cooperated for you!

  4. It's funny I don't think my tastes have changed terribly I still love everything I have bought the only difference now is I am working more bold patterns and colors into my home. I may have regressed instead of matured !! :P