Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Elora's First Real Drawing

Elora brought this to me the other morning.  Know what it is?

It's a face!  This is the first time that she's ever drawn something like this, and I was seriously impressed.  She showed me all the parts, the eyes, ears, nose (with nostrils!), mouth and hair, but she drew it so well that I didn't need her to identify it for me.  I know I'm biased, but I think she did a phenomenal job.  I'm just sad that it was on the magnadoodle, rather than on something that I could save forever. 

She was justifiably proud of her effort.

And then, because I had the camera out, she had to make faces at it.  Silly girl.

Miss Kaylie is doing better with the solid foods.  At most meals, she gets some sort of finger food that she can feed herself, like rice biscuits or yogurt bites, and then she I give her some pureed baby food.

She loves to feed herself.  I usually have to give her her own spoon when I'm giving her the puree.  This time, I just handed over the spoon and bowl when it was about empty, and she went through the motions of feeding herself with the spoon, sticking it in the bowl and then back in her mouth.  It may just be that she has her big sister as an example, but she seems to be picking up on a lot of those sorts of things faster than Elora did.  

My babies are so smart.  I'm totally in love with them, can you tell?  :)

PS: Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. She is doing what they call "baby led weaning" :) It's sounds exactly like silas! I never heard of a baby not liking baby food lol! They sure do like to teach us stuff.

  2. AGH! What an awesome picture! I could totally tell it was a face!
    Kaylie is doing an awesome job!
    I'm not around a lot of babies but I still think she is gifted :)