Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"They look French. You know, ooh-lala and what not."

Me: Hey, baby look. I did my nails, they look all pretty."
Bran: Yeah, they look French. You know, ooh-la-la and what not."

This was in the car, on the way home today. (I guess I shouldn't be asking him to look at things--other than the road--when he's driving. Oops.) It made me laugh, and I thought I would share the laughter.

Anyway, I had my second prenatal check up yesterday. We were definitely able to see the baby this time, which is crazy. A week ago, it was a slightly darker speck in the grey murkiness of the sonogram picture. Yesterday, it was clearly visible, though it still only looks like a blurry dark kidney bean. (As soon as I am able, I'll scan it and post a picture.) All of the tests that they ran came back negative. I even came up negative for the Rh factor in my blood, when a good 85% of the population is positive. Since we know that Brandon is Rh positive (I'm B-, he's B+) I'm going to have to do the shot thing to accustom my body to it, so it doesn't think the baby is a foreign element. That would be bad. I'm going back in again this coming Monday, to listen to the baby's heart beat. I'm so excited! It's finally sinking in that this is for real. ^_^


  1. too funny! are you doing the video at the Dr.'s too?

  2. Um... I don't know about the video thing. I don't see why not, our camera has a video function. Do you think I should do it at the next appointment?

  3. I meant did Dr. Krauss give you a VHS? I swear he gave one to use right away (started recording the ultrasounds). But yes, record with your camera! You can always erase/delete later but you might regret not recording it and you can't go back and do it!

  4. I did my nails last night! Tim didn't notice. Of course mine don't look French.....
    Your first baby pictures were cute.....The cutest little dots ever!