Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

We went to Peguy's baby shower on Saturday, which was a lot of fun.  I didn't really know many of the people there; I think I was the only guest who didn't know her from work, but they all went out of their way to be friendly and make sure that I was included in the conversations and goings on.  I also appointed myself her official photographer, and I came home with exactly 600 pictures on my camera.  Of course, only about 450 of them were usable, and of those, many were duplicates.  But it was good practice for me.

 Peguy is due in July, but they're PCSing in a month, so I won't get to be around for her last trimester, or see new born Tyler.  But, they are headed to Maryland, so I won't be too far from them when we head to Virginia.  I'm already planning a weekend trip up to visit them.

I'd planned to go to Mass Easter morning with Peguy, but that didn't work out and I ended up doing my praise and prayer at home.  It was for the best, since Brandon got called in to work for a few hours. When he got home, though, we got dressed up and headed to the Brauhaus for dinner.  

Dinner was delicious, and the company was unbeatable.  

As we were driving home, we saw a lovely full rainbow arcing over the sky, and we just had to stop to take pictures.  

The whole sky was glorious!  I just kept taking pictures.  We turned around and drove the same road twice, just to make sure that we captured it.  These are the west and east sides of the road, respectively:

Then we stopped again, closer to home, so I could snap some more.

Such scenes have always been special to me.  I feel the greatest connection to the divine through these experiences, and I felt doubly touched that it happened on Easter.