Sunday, April 18, 2010

Egg Happens. So Does Spaghetti Sauce.

I was holding Elora, getting her juice out of the fridge, and not paying attention.  This was the result.

The little stinker picked it up, and just as I realized what was happening, very deliberately dropped it on the floor.  I guess it's my fault for leaving the eggs so conveniently in the fridge door, huh?

I've also discovered that my child loves tortellini.  It's been just us girls for a few days (Brandon is still stuck in Denmark because of the ash) so I picked up some of those fresh pasta things from the cooler section at the commissary, along with a jar of Prego.  Each package is the perfect amount for Elora and me to share.  We tried one for dinner Friday night, and she loved it so well, she licked her plate.

 She made quite a mess with that sauce, I tell you.  But it was nothing to the mess she made with it Saturday.

When she was done, I cleaned her up a bit, let her drink her milk, and then put her straight into the bath tub.  There was so much sauce debris that after I'd let the water out, I had to rinse the tub.  And I laughed the whole time.  :)


  1. Very funny! I used to have to do the same thing. Sometimes when it was warm and the back yard was closer I'd just hose em down!

  2. awww, Definitely a mess, but it was all worth it. These are really cute pictures :)

  3. TOO FUNNY!! I hope Silas isn't weird like his parents and likes to get food on his face. One picture of him covered in something is all I'm asking for him to give me.
    Both Neal and I were weirdos who never got dirty as kids. We don't have the face covered in tomato sauce picture to laugh at because we were too prissy. My mom told me that Josh and I would go play in the sandbox for an hour or so. Josh came back with half of the sand in his shoes, undies, legs, mouth, hair, etc. I came back perfectly clean and sand-free.
    Neal cried when his teacher made him finger paint.
    What was the matter with us?!

  4. LOL, the odds are in your favor, Rachel. ^_^

  5. These would make for an awesome scrapbook page :) I can't believe how big she is getting either!

  6. Ahh, so sly w/ those eggs! - atleast it was just the one?
    Too cute w/ the sauce! :)