Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Time For a Change

I'm really, really just not happy with my hair.  I haven't been happy with it since before Elora was born.  I've had the same basic style--just different lengths--since high school, with only two exceptions: the two big hair shows I modeled for in college.  (I'll have to post pictures of those one day.)  So, it's time for a change.  But I'm scared.  I'm really vain about my hair, and I feel a bit insecure with short hair.  Never mind that I see beautiful women with short hair all the time, I seem to think that I can't look good unless I have long, flowing tresses.  I'm not even going to take any of the length this time, I'm just going to add layers.  A lot of them.

This is the first of several inspiration photos.  This is America Ferrera (of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fame), sporting a long layered look.  My hair isn't this long, so it will probably look a lot more like Mandy Moore's hair in these, my second and third inspiration pics:

photos from socialbutterflies and heyugly

And then, I found this picture just a few minutes ago, and I really like this style too.  Thoughts?  Kelly and Lizy, you were the most opinionated about the other style, so I want to know what you think about this one.
photo from hollywoodtoday

Pretty much everyone I've asked so far has told me to go for it, so I'm going to go for it.  And now, I'm chomping at the bit to get it done, lest I lose the guts to do it.  But, Carolina, who I know will do a good job, is booked through next week, and I don't know of any other good stylists.  We'll have to see how it goes.  I'll post pictures when I make up my mind and get it done.


  1. I think the layers will look great and you'll be able to keep the length you love. Plus you can progressively go shorter or easily grow the layers out if you're not a fan :-) win-win

  2. You're gorgeous now and you'll be gorgeous which ever way you go! I can't wait to see it done!

  3. I like the first ones better. You have shorter bangs right now right? I like the longer layers for you. But I'm sure anything you have done will look great!

  4. They are all pretty and will look good;)

  5. Love love layers! When are you going? Will I see a new you tomorrow?

  6. I think they'd all look great. I agree w/ Rachel- if you make small changes at first, you'll be able to work your way to a completely new style you like. And, just remember, hair grows back...and if it's anything like mine, it'll grow quickly!
    I think I've trimmed your hair once before?? But, I can also reccomend a couple stylists that are right off post here. Let me know if you're at all interested anytime.