Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some Like It Hot

I am loving this weather.  Hot?  Humid?  Who cares?  I'm not freezing, and I've actually been able to wear my tank tops and flip flops without eliciting those odd looks or raised eyebrows.  It actually reminds me a bit of  home, this weather.  And besides, I love what the humidity does to Elora's hair.

The more humidity in the air, the more her hair curls.  I love it.
We broke out the floor fans to keep the air moving in the house.  Elora was terribly interested in investigating the fan.  I took a ton of pictures; this one is my favorite.

She kept pushing the buttons on it, turning it on and off and changing the speed.  I had it stationary at first, but then she pulled the knob to let it turn.  After that she kept following the fan as it swung slowly back and forth, grabbing it and trying to hold it still.  Don't worry, I don't think she can get her hands through the cage, and anyway I stayed with her to make sure she didn't try anything dangerous.


  1. These are pretty! You can share the chocolate if you need to eat it faster. Or turn it into choco covered cashews! LOL! Elora is so cute!

  2. Yeah, I'll help you eat the chocolate. It'll be hard but I will.

    I love Elora's curls too!

  3. I like what you did w/ the boxes. I'm also pretty sentimental- I save most, if not all, of my jewlery boxes, sometimes I'll re-use them. If I wasn't so attached, I'd give them to you to use to decorate and put the jewlery you make in them to sell. But, I think I'm going to steal your idea and decorate them myself whenever I feel generous to use one for a gift or whatever. :) (see, i was just inspired!) Plus, I think you wouldn't mind more Godiva Chocolates anyway, right? ;)

    The picture of the fan blowing Elora's hair is too funny. People will always complain about the weather no matter what anyway. It's either too hot, or too cold, too wet, or too dry. Well, too bad!! I have to agree with you, it's too cold here for too long not to enjoy what little sun we get, when we get it anyway!
    So, have a great summer, it'll be over before we know it!

  4. I love pretty paper. While mum was here we made a bunch of little books that I send out as an extra with all of my orders. It was nice to finally have a need to buy paper again!! I actually need to go buy more since I am almost out.... darn... haha

  5. I'm glad I inspired you, Mary! I certainly won't mind another box of chocolates, and I found some more boxes anyway. Have fun with it!

    I've made a few more boxes, actually --I'll be posting them soon. I think.

  6. The boxes are super cute! And Elora is a baby doll:) Just adorable.