Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Smileys and Pottys and Snails

Brandon's nephew has begun a new business venture making incense, and I volunteered to make a smiley face logo for him.  It's really simple, and nothing like what Jess can do, but he's really happy with it and so I am too.  I think I am going to go back and put "Chef" across the front of the hat, since that's his nickname.  Heck, that's the reason for the hat in the first place.

Last night, I ordered a potty for Elora, so we can start on the road to potty training.  I looked at a couple, but in the end it came down to the BabyBjorn Potty Chair, or the Fisher Price Pink Princess Potty Chair.  The first takes a simple, minimalist approach, while the second tries to make it fun.  I went for the fun one.

photo from

It has 4 different little songs that it can play when she does her business, the seat comes off and can be used on the big toilet when she gets older, the bowl is removable for easy cleaning, and the back folds down to make it a step stool so she can reach to wash her hands.  Seriously, how cute is that?? 

We had a nice thunderstorm early this evening.  Thunderstorms are one of those things that I took for granted in Florida, and that I've missed terribly since coming here.  I wish I could have been at home to sit and enjoy it, butI was thankful that the angry looking sky didn't open up on me as I was running around Patch trying to get dinner, get cash for the babysitter, and get Elora.  I got to hear a bit of thunder, see a bit of lightening, and felt a few cool sprinkles before I drove out from under it one the way home.  

When I got there, I saw this guy cruising around the drive in front of my house.  I thought he was cool, so I ran upstairs and deposited Elora with her dad so I could run back down with the camera.  These are straight out of the camera, I didn't even crop them.

He obliged me by continuing to cruise,and I even caught him sticking out his tongue (I assume it's a tongue, I'm not really sure) to sample the tastes/textures/smells around him.  I always feel so special when I get to see things like this.  Maybe I would get to see these things more if I paid more attention, but then, perhaps they wouldn't be so special to me?  He's really neat, and I sincerely hope that some oblivious person didn't step on him before he could make his way back to the (relative) safety of the garden.


  1. Awww I love snails! Great pictures.
    I like the logo you did!

  2. That's a cute chair! I like snails too. The other day when I dropped off Ethan at kindie he ran back so I thought he forgot something, or wanted to give me a hug or something. Nope. He had a snail as big as his fist! :)

  3. Oh, sorry, the chef smiley is cute too!

  4. Good luck to your nephew on his new adventure with his new fun logo.

    Hope Elora loves her chair!!!

    I love snails. Don't know why but I do. Very pretty photos.

  5. good job on the logo! The potty chair is cute! Are you really potty training at 1 year??????????? Ava is 2 and not anywhere near ready. Well that's not true. She's now telling us when she poops. That's one step closer and she's calling the shots. Which makes for happy baby.

  6. Kelly, this one was somewhere between the size of a nickel and the size of a quarter. And I thought his shell was really pretty, yellow instead of dull mottled brown.

    Jennifer, we are going to introduce it to her and see how she does. I mean, she brings me a diaper when she wants me to change her, so I don't see why she can't come and get me before she goes. I'm not expecting anything, I just want to give her the chance. Besides, the sooner we're successful, the sooner we'll be able to stop buying diapers.

  7. i was just hopping you weren't feeling pressured. It's very very very common for other mother's/other people/ to make you feel bad for not getting your child potty trained (Mary felt this from people) or getting them off the pacifier (I felt this from people) etc. etc.

    i got your 3 packets of the tortellini stuff. I'll put it up front for you when I come in tonight. Jen

  8. Love the logo!

    The potty looks perfect. Getting Nicolas his own little potty the second time around really helped. Just take your time with it and don't get stressed. I let myself and Nicolas get so frustrated, that we had to take a month long break and start all over again. Before I knew it, he was peeing in the big potty like a man =)

    Love the pic of the snail! Nicolas and I must have seen 10 of them on our walk today.

  9. Thanks, ladies. :) I am totally open to any and all advice, so long as you won't be offended if I choose not to take it. I definitely don't feel pressured, I just want to give it a try. :)

  10. good luck on the potty training! Even if she doesn't take to it right away, she'll be learning soon enough!
    The snail is so cool looking! :)